Help! My clothes are killing me!

by djm
(Brookings, SD)

Is there anyone out there who not only has issues with the materials in clothes - like tags, or anything made of something other than cotton - but also the style?

For example, I am female, and though skirts/dresses are the "code" for the place where I worship, I absolutely cannot wear skirts or dresses. Forget about pantyhose, or the gawdawful shoes that you have to buy to "go with" those clothes. I'd fall on my bum if I tried any heel higher than an inch.

Loose fitting skirts make me feel "naked" and vulnerable, plus I hate the tickly feeling of them brushing on my legs, and tight fitting ones where I can't take a full stride make me feel trapped - hogtied. I've tried wearing gym shorts underneath, sweats, silk long johns and boots - but then things tend to bunch up, which REALLY drives me nuts.

Also, I live in South Dakota, and dresses/skirts and skimpy shoes or even dress boots (which usually have smooth soles) are just plain stupid in the winter time, as far as I'm concerned.

I am currently on clonazepam for the anxiety I get, and I tried Lexapro for the depression that comes with feeling you're completely out of your mind. The Lexapro didn't really do much for me, plus it's expensive.

Anybody have any suggestions?

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Sep 18, 2010
by: Anonymous

Clothes are tough for me too but in a different way. I buy skirts a size larger, cut the waistband down so they hang well below my waist.

As for the meetings you attend where skirts/dresses are desirable, that is a tough one. You could do a culotte, though you'd look like you just came off the set of Big Valley. You could wear long-line bike shorts under skirts. They wouldn't bunch up.

I can't wear much of a heel myself without pain. So low/flat shoes are a must. I care less about fashion, more about comfort.

If I can think of other suggestions, I'll post them.

Take care.

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