Help, Overwhelmed With All This Information...

by Jamie

I Think SPD Explains My Son's Behaviors... Where Do I Start?

My son is 10. He was diagnosed at age 5, with ADHD. Can I be honest? I was never satisfied with that diagnosis. It always bothered me, because he just did not fit that profile. At any rate, we did meds, therapy, support for 3 years with little results other then a ton of side effects from the meds. I finally said enough was enough and stopped and found the strength within me to help my son with love, scheduling, help and anything else I could do to get him by w.out meds. This has been fine. We are not 100% but we are not without hope.

Then I come across this article on CNN and my eyes almost popped outta my head. Does your child refuse to wear socks because the seem bothers them? I'm are kidding me right? Picky eater that will only eat chicken, mashed potatoes, pizza, boxed macaroni and cheese. Ok I'm listening. I start reading and just unbelievable what I am experiancing here. It's like a door has been opened.

MY son is smart. His grades are fine, he has no problems with his academics. He has alot of frustration, problems during recess, problems with change of sched. VERY picky eater, very picky about clothing, will only wear soft/sport like clothing, HATES wearing a winter coat, which we are having a big problem with right now. Needs to have sound to sleep at night, tv up loud...etc... WILL NOT let me cut his

nails, has to be forced/bribed into getting a hair cut, and will not let me cut his hair.

Before, I thought these were all his little quirks... things that just made him... him. I never thought about it before. I'm unsure what to do? I think this really could be something.

So... what should I do??? Who should I talk to??? Does this sound like he might be in this category of sensory problems????

The quick answer is YES, it does sound like you may want to consider SPD as a possible explanation for your son's difficulties. Especially given the specific information you provided AND the fact that ADHD medication and treatment did NOT seem to help. This is often what happens. When the meds don't work, parents seek other explanations. You are probably pursuing the proper diagnosis. To be sure you are going in the right direction, make sure you have filled out The SPD Checklist (not for a diagnosis, but for information to know if you should have your child assessed).

BUT, to be sure you will certainly need an evaluation, to be done by a experienced Occupational Therapist in sensory integration theories, evaluation and treatment, hopefully a "SIPT Certified OT". Lucky for you, I have written several articles that will get you started in the right direction!

Please read (and follow all links within) the following:

A Step By Step Guide For SPD Parents; The Seven Steps For Helping Your SPD Child

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Sep 12, 2008
Help for Socks
by: Anonymous

I also learned that son has SPD after I started trying to find seamless socks for him. Basically everyday he would have a "sock tantrum" and I couldn't take it anymore. He was always complaining about lumps and bumps in his shoes.

After a lot of internet searches and buying a lot of socks that were supposed to be seamless but weren't - I finally found some completely seamless socks - these ones are really seamless. They're called SmartKnit Kids Seamless Socks.

Anyways I called the company to ask about the socks and the nice women on the phone told me that they have a lot of parent's ordering these socks for kids with SPD. I had no idea what that was, but after alot of research and visits to my sons pediatrician and eventually occupation therapists, we learned that he does have sensory processing disorder.

Long story short - Finding socks that he would wear was the first step in addressing SPD, but now we've moved on to having "Underwear Tantrums" It just seems ongoing.

But - the socks really helped my son and he now wears shoes and socks everyday to school. (Sometimes sans underwear though)

I think you can find the seamless socks online at

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