Help with 5 year old

by Steve Striedinger
(Indianapolis, IN)

My daughter, Katie, has stopped eating full meals the past month. She only nibbles on a little bit of food. It's becoming debilitating at this point. In the past she has had car sickness(apparently a symptom of ARFID) and started having issues with textures of foods around 2. We also had to take her to a sedation dentist because she was so fearful of the devices they used. We had no idea this was a symptom.

She's also very sensitive to certain noises, and would cover her ears before I would try to correct her. She doesn't like certain clothes touching close to her throat, it makes her gag. She also appears to be more comfortable eating at home.

Most of her issues aren't a constant problem, but we need to know how to make sure she's getting the nutrients she needs from food and therapy to get her eating full meals again.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

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