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by anonymous

I am so confused by my son's results. We had him tested by the OT because of terrible handwriting issues. I am finding many things in the results that I had no idea he was even having problems with. Here are some results and I am trying to find out if this means he has SPD? I was told he needed OT, but that was it. I wanted to know if these results mean he has this.


VMI: Motor Coordination:
Raw score: 18 15
Standard score: 83 65
Percentile: 13% 1%
Interpretation: Below Average Very low

Motor Free Visual Perception Test:

Raw Score: 30
standard score: 88
Percentile: 21%
Age Equivalent - 7-6
Interpretation - low average

These results seem really bad to me, but yet no one is saying this is what he has, nor are they recommending me to take him anywhere. I am going to take him to his doctor in a few weeks to see if they recommend neurological eval, but cannot find information on what these results mean? I would appreciate anyone's help with interpreting these. I just want to know what I can do to help him, but I do not want to over-react either.


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Dec 08, 2010
Thanks for answering
by: Anonymous


I asked for referral to OT because he was having problems with handwriting. He is in 3rd grade (9 y/o) and it was causing problems with his work. He is getting lots of D's, where he used to do so much better. They thought maybe it was handwriting causing the problem, but I don't think they really know for sure. I asked for a full evaluation and they said no, not yet. I was shocked to read this report with all these thing in it that I had no idea about. I asked the OT to explain and all she did was basically re-read the report. I do not get to talk to her again until the next meeting, which is in 3 weeks. I am going to have him evaluated by his doctor and see what they say about the report and will try to see if he can go through insurance for a full OT evaluation, rather than relying on the school one. I did not understand the muscle tone, and things like that. I am just frustrated because I feel like he is failing, and I am no able to help him. He cannot repeat 3rd grade because he would be 19 when he graduated, so I am so worried about that. I just want to help him because he is such a good boy and is really hating school and feeling stupid right now, and it just breaks my heart. He has tons of friends and is very social, it's strictly problems with the actual work.

Nov 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

These results only really give an indication of your child's visual perception as well as motor coordination and one cannot diagnose SPD from this. SPD however can lead to problems with VMI, but this is not always the case. Have you done any of the checklists available? Does your child present with signs of sensory processing disorder? Why did they tell you your child needs OT? What does he struggle with?

I suggest speaking to the OT and telling her your concerns. I am sure you'll find that she'll do her utmost in explaining what the results mean.

I hope you find the answers!

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