Help with sleep needed please

by Jim

My daughter of two and a half hates sleep! Until one year she never went to sleep before midnight.

We now bring her to bed at half eight and she falls asleep with myself or wife around eleven. The only way she will stay asleep is with me cuddling her all night. My wife is 29 wks pregnant and we are struggling. If I was to leave my daughter and she woke up ( even after an hour) she wouldn't go back to sleep until the following night and we can't risk it anymore hence me cuddling her.

She has oral and textile disorder
She basically lives on milk is very healthy but whatever we try has no sleep pattern at all
She was born dead through hospital mess ups but came to life when I put her on mummy's breast after twenty five minutes

Any advice greatly appreciated
We have no trust in health professionals so deal with everything ourselves
Thank you.

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