by Alison Plant
(Houston, Texas)

I have a five year old daughter who I believe has SPD. I have run into brick wall after brick wall. I am in the Houston area, is there anyone in Houston who can help with this, or can diagnose this disorder? My daughter was originally diagnosed with O.C.D, which does not fit or is not helping her. I am currently seeing a behavior therapist, and a Occupational therapist. Nothing seems to be helping in fact she is only getting worse. Nobody has ever brought up S.P.D. Help!!! Any advise or help I can get whould be great!

The SPD Help Line Answers

Oh dear... you are seeing an Occupational Therapist already and they have not mentioned SPD? THEY are the ones who would evaluate and treat this disorder! So... in light of that, I suggest you talk specifically to the OT about who to go to in your area if she is not someone who has sensory integration theories and treatment experience. Is she a school OT or private?? If she is a school OT, you would want a private anyway to diagnose and treat the potential SPD and then supplement that by keeping the school OT.

What specifically is she in OT for now? What specifically are they working on with her? Where is it... school or private?

To help find a good OT for this... please read these two articles from my newsletter back issues:

How To Find An Occupational Therapist For SPD

Sensory Integrative OT... What You Need To Know

These should help answer your question. If not, feel free to write again below, ok? Also, you will find more articles on my site map that may help too, so I would check that out as well.

I hope this helps. If you answer my questions I asked above via the comment box below, perhaps I can direct you further too, ok?

Happy Holidays!
Michele Mitchell

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May 25, 2015
7 yr old daughter in Houston
by: Brandon

My daughter is almost 8 yrs old and SPD was just this weekend mentioned to me as a possible explanation for her behavior. She also has hearing loss and wears a Hearing aid. As I am reading, some of the symptoms of SPD do look like a legitimate explanation.Is there a center or any specialists in Houston we can go to? How old is the post from Alison? Has she had any success?

Dec 21, 2007
What to do when your child doesn't eat?
by: Alison Plant

I am currently seeing the O.T. due to the diagnosis of O.C.D. and certain "sensory issues", and toe walking, which was given to me thru a pediatric orthopedic, due to my daughter's toe walking. I am so happy to find this page, and deal with people who are going thru this also. I have never heard of this disorder, and found it due to my constant searching for answers to help my daughter, and the believe that she never really had O.C.D.

Right now we are really struggling with the fact that my daughter doesn't eat, and doesn't have the urge to eat. I have been to one doctor after another, and they never seem to get it. I starting seeing weird things from her as early as six months old, and I have had everything mentioned to me as "she will eat if she is really hungry?" to "she is trying to control you with food". One stupid thing after another, and nobody understand or gets it. Thank God for this web site.

I have also had it mentioned to me that this disorder doesn't exist, or is not accepted, or understood, and not to mention it, because insurance and the schools will not help if this is the diagnosis my daughter has.

Michele Mitchell responds...

As you know, if you have spent time on my site... this disorder DOES indeed exist. Just because they say it doesn't means they haven't done the research into it (as you probably know). Also, insurance WILL pay for therapy (not an easy battle sometimes), but with the right diagnostic codes, they will. True, it is not in the DSM yet, but it is on it's way. It IS in one diagnostic manual already... the ICDL (called a Regulatory Disorder). Check out my Is SPD Real page for information to help you talk to the doctor.

Also, the not eating thing... this can be internal regulation issues. The stomach receptors communicating with the brain aren't responding properly. They are not saying I am full, I am hungry, etc. This needs treatment via OT for sure. They are deep SPD issues. And, our kids will NOT eat when they get hungry enough... they aren't hungry! I know you understand that... time to get an OT to treat him.

For help on understanding the eating issue and internal regulation issues, please read my newsletter: Picky Eaters And Resistant Eaters.

Also, fill out the SPD Symptom Checklist and get to an OT for an evaluation! If your pediatrician refuses to give you a referral based on the symptoms on the checklist, change doctors!

Hope this helps get you on your way. Let us know if you need further help or have additional input.

Take good care.

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