by Tonya B
(Lily, Ky USA)

I have custody of my three year old grandson who we thought had autism but because he is sociable he did not meet the criteria. but yet they still say he exhibits a lot of the autism symptoms, my question? concern is that no discipline works with him we have tried time outs , taking things away, etc. I feel he has a sensory processing disorder along with the fact he is developmentally delayed, especially with language.

We can not get anyone here to give him an SPD diagnosis because of insurance they believe it has not been proven enough yet or caused by another disease.We are hitting walls to get him ABA therapy because we live in Ky and they have a wavier program here I can not find an ABA that takes Insurance. And to private pay is upwards of $800 a week for the sessions he needs we have been told.

Do you know of anything else we can try or do to get his behavior under control? we are being told it's just the terrible 2's by a lot of people and we are just old and it's harder to handle. well if i hear that one more time I might scream. He throw things hits bites scratches pulls hair slaps, screams for no reason and hear lately he has been shaking his head a lot he used to ear flap ( still does occasionally). when we try to redirect he laughs at us. when when instill a firmer punishment he either ignores us or crys hold you hold you. Help Please if you can.

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