by june


I'm at my witts end! I have 3 children, my son has moderate autism he is 5. My middle child 3 and has mild autism. My youngest is two. When she was little just learning how to walk she was scared of the grass. I said okay it's just a phase will pass. It did..only to come back again. She refuses to go into the yard. She wants to stay in the house. She'll stay outside in the carport but the other day there was old cut grass that had blown in the carport and she flipped. She freaks out and just screams when a airplane goes by. She can't ride in elevators. If she hears any noise..what's that?

Her speech is great compared to my other two. I do not see any signs of autism. I just don't know what to do. We do have an appt. to see the special doctor on Monday. How do you know when enough is enough and that's it's not normal?


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