My son is 30 months he is under different doctors but nothing seems to be going anywhere. Since he was born all he did was cry. Now he lashes out all the time at anyone you never know when he is going to attack someone. He licks things, constantly eats then spits out food normally on someones plate. He head buts the floor he sees no danger he will jump off tables and stairs. He will try to eat stones and toys.He is very very active and very loving and heavy handed. I would love to know what people may think as it has started to affect his older brother.

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Feb 03, 2011
Contact your EIP
by: Mary

Contact your State's Early Intervention program (EIP)for children under 3 yrs old for a free evaluation and services for your child.They can provide support and services to families with children under 3 who are at risk of or have developmental delays. Every state is mandated by Federal Law (IDEA) to provide these services. Best of luck.

Jul 08, 2010
blood tests????
by: Anonymous

i noticed you have mentioned him putting odd things in his mouth a lot. have the doctors checked his iron levels. severe anemia can cause pica and many other odd symptoms you wouldn't think of -- i receive iron infusions every week and when my levels we first checked they were 2. I brushed my teeth about 10 times a day. i became obsessed with gum and bit my nails dont to bloody stubs!!!!

also you said doctors---does this include an occupational therapist? if not you may want to look into it. Also a neuropsychologist might be helpful.

I am sure the anger being shown by your son lashing out on people is just his frustration and him not feeling right. hugs and love all the time and boundaries and consequences dont let his issues be an excuse for inappropriate behavior and try not to make excuses in front of him to other people he lashes out on--make him responsible.. you will learn what you want and think is okay and isn't once you set your mind to it.

good luck!!! I hope you find answers!!!

when needed he will be okay if you put him in a safe place and walk away for a minute or two for yourself to breathe so that you dont get so frustrated and overwhelmed with the situation ---it will be better in the end.

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