Hitting and Swatting

by Gina

My son, Noah, has a mild case of SPD and will sometimes hit or swat at us or others for no apparent reason, like when I come to pick him up from preschool. The other kids are hugging their moms and mine is swatting at me. Today I opened the garage door to help bring the groceries in and he swatted at me. What causes him to do this? Is it a sensory issue and what can we do to stop him from doing this? We've tried time-outs and taking things away from him such as no TV. What else can we do? I'm at my wits end!

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Nov 09, 2008
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the advice. I will definitely try anything!

Sep 29, 2008
I Have Been There
by: Stephanie Whitt

I know how you & Noah feel, this can be very normal. If a child can not verbalize a word they hit. Tell him the next time "What Are you trying to say". Some times it will take time to make him understand. Next try CALM HAND; when he goes to hit or swatting, hold both hands an say "CALM HANDS". This works for me & so many people I know.

Also if Noah is doing this a lot, put your hand on top of his head, but only do this if he is to the point of being out control that he will hurt him self or others. Then say "CALM HEAD TO TOES". Now he is got the point, my mom is not letting me hit and she is making me use my WORDS, then hang in there.

Also ask the teacher how much Noah is hitting at school. From what you said he could be trying this for the feel or in some case like the feel. So ask for an O.T. & Speech therapist. If they say no, tell them you will be calling for an I.E.P. You will have a lot of I.E.P MEETING'S in your future. I have a Noah as well and I went to my first I.E.P in pre-k. If you don't know or cant get info on I.E.P's Talk with the DR. They should lead you in the right direction.

Thanks, Stephanie Whitt

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