Hmm I just wonder the possibility.

In addition which was not mentioned in the checklist, I have a severe skin picking problem since the age of 3 years old. I am 20 years old now. Throughout childhood I had a time that I would always bite my sleeve and make huge holes in my uniform sweater. I also peel my lips (since childhood, still do) and peel my nails (I'm repulsed by cracking knuckles and biting nails) Also, there seems to be inconsistency. Sometimes I'm very sensitive and sometimes I'm the opposite.

After finally learning how to swim (took me a while and still isn't really great) I started avoiding swimming pools and oceans because I shiver really badly. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety but I think SPD explains it more. I self harm by cutting as well (besides for skin picking)

I have always been messy but at times I'm highly perfectionistic. It all depends on the context. My mom passed when I was young, and no one really seemed to pay attention to my behaviors as a child.

I know that I also have a history of binge eating on certain foods. Overall I'm not a really picky eater because I eat most things when I'm hungry. But I do think that i have an issue that is impacting my life, it's just subtle and I had to learn to cope (the best way I could) and so the symptoms are not obvious.

I do need better coping methods. I avoid wearing a bra. I avoid showers. I can be in a great mood and avoid showers, so it isn't always because of depression. I can go on about how these things impacted my life from childhood but i honestly feel so lost because no adult has a memory of how I behaved.

Teachers were not trained to understand the signs. I stayed up doing homework since grade 3, so usually not much interaction with family. Some things i just learned to "suck it up" over time, as I had to do with being a left handed person. But that doesn't mean it won't impact my moods. Sometimes the energy of the atmosphere can change my mood. I don't complain about these things but when it gets too much I put my hands over my ears.

I remember being in elementary school and everyone in my class complained about a smell. I smelled it too but I just preferred to silently deal with it by zoning out rather than hear people talk about it. I have "emotional outbursts" over emotional and social conflicts/tensions.I just don't know what to think anymore.

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