Holding My Breath

by Leah

I hold my breath when someone walks by because I don't want to catch a whiff of their scent. I hold my breath and/or choke when I have to touch a clothing tag with my bare hands. I have so many little quirks, it's uncanny how many "5" scores I got on this quiz.

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Apr 04, 2015
Me too!!!
by: Anonymous

The smell thing, holding your breath as they walk by!!! Me too!!! I didn't even read the rest of your story yet, because I had to stop and tell you.. That's crazy! I have always been this way!!!

Dec 30, 2014
Oh my goodness.
by: Sig

I roared with laughter at your breath-holding. I do the same thing. Going into a public toilet after someone has just used it is a complete nightmare for me. I can't handle looking at skin disorders or breathing someone else's breath, and I feel physically ill if I can smell other people's body odor.

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