Holy moly

by Nicky S
(Monicello NY)

I just want to say Thank you so much. I have a three year old son who 2 months ago woke up and was a completely different child. He was always active but now he was having problems at daycare. They said he wouldn't sit at circle time ever, touched everything, mouthed, jumped off anything and they just couldn't control him. This went on for 1.5 months with no avail. It was very hard for me to go pick him up and ask how his day was because with out fail it never was good. He did this, he did that he disrupted the class all day.

The daycare supervisor said she had implemented planned ignoring and that his behavior will get worse before it got better. Well it didn't. Our daycare is where I work a place that specializes, houses and has a school for children with asd and many other medically fragile children I work with these guys every day. The daycare just kept making me feel it was behavior. My most recent meeting affirmed my thoughts, I made an appointment for my son to get evaled through the state for the OT I believed he needs. So I told the daycare and even had my son looked at informally by some friends who are OTs Speech PTs ext. They told me he def will need OT. When I told the daycare director I was again meet with "well we will try planned ignoring" I wanted to shake her and saw my son has sensory issues you ignore him fine but he can't stop the behavour he stemms from it you have to actually remove him. They keep fighting me. I have suggested all sorts of

activities they could do to help with the proprioceptive disorder I believe he has and they say NO. That's therapy and they can't do it.

After having a meeting with the director and his teacher I finally came to this conclusion. It will take about 6 weeks to get him the services he needs. The next 6 weeks are going to suck for you. I will no longer ask how his day went because frankly I just don't care. If you don't want to try the strategies that may help him then that's your fault not mine. You are the teacher and director. If you cared you would have maybe took what I said to heart and looked up online and figured out a better way of dealing with him instead of complaining you don't have the staff, that "thats" too therapeutic or planned ignoring. So my son will just not learn or do anything all day because you are just going to ignore him. Geez its been 2 months and its not working. So it aint working people. Just wanted to vent. I even have been doing everything I can at home after reading about SPD and his issues have diminished greatly. When I told that to the daycare director she retorted with "well things are different at home" Lady it was just as bad then I dealt with my child differently and it got better. Not rocket science.

I will wait the next 6 weeks for the eval and don't really care about daycare. I am assured he won't kicked out so I feel it's no longer my problem. Thank you so much for this web site because it has really helped me understand my son.


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Nov 27, 2010
I get it!
by: Anonymous

Just wanted to say that I feel your pain! I understand your frustrations with people not wanting to acknowledge the problem let alone take the appropriate steps to make the child feel better in his own skin, thus begin acting better. Keep doing what you're doing and if I were you I'd look into other daycare options. You hate for the staffs lack of help to negate all the hard work your implementing. Good luck and way to go on being proactive for your child.

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