Homeschooling program

by Karin Fourie
(Augrabies, NC, South Africa)


My husband, me and our youngest son (11 years old) did have the long road to this website tonight and yes I am in tears because this is the first time in 11 years that I can understand and see JD in full. We did took him out of school last year, May, there are alot of reasons, I can write a book about every visit to a docter, eye care, brain profile, etc. alot of money and a unhappy child. So we decided that we will do homeschooling, but it seems that I do have a wrong program. JD do love his lego blocks and always builds something new off by heart. I do want to know is there someone, a homeschool program, a school or place who I can contact in South Africa of else where that I can have something at home for JD so that we can do the grades to where he can go to a technicon. He does have big dreams to do mega building stuff, building rifels, going to the army to use sniper guns, build something big with his legos to put on internet. He always does have schemes. It seems that this kind of information is not know at schools in South Africa!!!!

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