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My boyfriend does not like to be touched if my hand is moving, can not rub even just for a second or pat. touch has to be still unmoving, if i move away he complains of the area where my hand was is cold and wants me to put it back. Small things irritate him, he gets road rage, constantly tells me i am doing something wrong...can be something simple like in the way i walk in certain shoes. he use to let me rub his back in the middle of the night.

Pain medications make him hyper and irritated...is easily irritated by sounds....the touch thing is a big deal to me after being in a marriage where my spouse would not touch or hold me...my boyfriend does touch me all the time...when he does he says he feels a vibration in my skin....i just get frustrated myself because it feels good to caress someone....he caresses me all the time and i want to touch and caress him....He said he likes it when the woman initiates intimacy, but every time I do he says he isnt "feeling" it. He only wants intimacy if he starts it when he wants it....I just dont know what to do, i am trying to be understanding but, its slowly killing me to not have the contact again....after 25 years of that i do not think I could do it again, I love my boyfriend deeply and I want to be his spouse....this is the one thing

I truly know and want but, I am afraid it will never come because of the touching issue....He doesnt try to see my side and let me touch from time to time...just becomes irritated with me...even if it is irritating to be touched doesnt trying to allow it from time to time de-sensitize and help this get better?

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