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My nine year old daughter has been overly sensitive to tastes, sounds, and touch her entire life. She can taste the slightest amount of spice in foods, hates minty toothpaste(it burns her mouth),covers her ears at the movies, and cannot stand to have anything rubbing her skin, like seams in her shirts or the seams in socks. She also does not like topical medications put on her.

She is clumsy and very timid. She has been on a particular ride several times, so she knew what to expect. She never has liked the ride because of the small slide, but she will go on it. The last time she screamed horribly. She crashes into things and knocks things over all the time.

We tend to be on the over-protective side with her, so I don't know if I'm exaggerating her problems, or even adding to them. I've mentioned it to her pediatrician several times, but she kind of blows it off.

I would value any input from the moms and dads that are dealing with the same problems. Thank you in advance.

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Nov 30, 2008
Its going to be OK!
by: Anonymous

I'm right there with ya!!! My 6 year old son has a lot of similar issues. There was this huge build up to Thanksgiving "feast" at school and home. When we sat down to eat, he even had the turkey leg, which he had been requesting for days. He just locked up and could do anything but nit pick how everything was wrong. We was sobbing and wouldn't eat - so he was tired, crabby, SID, low blood sugar, defeated, etc., etc., all at once. So I just tried to hold him and we got him a ham sandwich - wrong bread! Sometimes there's no way to win!

Other times I'll see these amazing moments, like when a huge LEGO spaceship he builds crashes into a million pieces on the floor, and he just shrugs and goes oh well, that happens, when a year ago he would have totally flipped out -- things change and we change with them.

I think it is GREAT to be overprotective right now! I basically hovered over my kid's first 5 years - at parties and stuff I'd be the only Dad hovering over all the kids while the other Dads were drinking their beers oblivious to their play -- I think it's good to stay close. We are like their little interpreters and navigators in this foreign world they inhabit - don't ever feel sorry or "wrong" for doing that ---- and I think it's good to stretch their comfort zone from time to time too -- every year I try to get Everett to stick his hand in the pumpkin and clean the goo out when we're carving pumpkins and every year he doesn't do it - but I betcha within another year or two he'll do it without thinking twice. Kindergarten has been sooooo great for him! Just hang in there!!!

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