How can I stop an spd child from doing something she's not supposed to do like unmaking a bed?

by april

My daughter has spd she keeps unmaking her bed, taking out all of her summer clothes and wanting to put them, (its cold outside) unlocking my dish washer while it's running, (Kind of makes it hard to wash dishes) turning of the T.V. when we are watching a movie as a family. I can't keep up "I've tried everything from, having her help me make the bed back up, to time out, to not making it up at all (which that's she wants), but she has allergies so we really need to keep it made up, and if her bed remains unmade then she unmakes her sisters. Also she does this when we visit other places.

She will not keep the same outfit on. I'm having more laundry to do then needed because she some how mess-up some of the clothes. This is all being done in a day, while i'm also taking care of my youngest as well.

My youngest daughter is tired of her older sister unmaking her bed. It's so hard to teach my daughter now that she has gotten a little more demanding, SPD children i have found kind know its' wrong but all they know in moment is want they want to do. so they want give-up it's seems. i've notice that some of the things that she gets hook-on doing either will last 6 months or more, then its stops. Sometimes the habit stays w/ her. I've even tried redirecting the action and that's not helping anymore. I'm tired. Help!

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May 27, 2010
so understand
by: jen

My daughter also had alternating habits. i would work on one thing and she would begin another. it's like one of those toys where you push one piece in and another pops out.

Here are a few suggestions...

Forget about making up the beds, who cares? you mentioned something about allergies, but if she sleeps there is it really going to make a big difference being uncovered during the day?

Place the tv higher so she can't reach it to turn it off.

My daughter loves tight summer cloths, she frequently has a swim suit on under her winter cloths.

Run your dishwasher at night after she's asleep

I know how exhausting children with spd are, i live with one everyday but when i step back i realize there's always a way around every problem, even if it means just going with the flow and realizing that i may not be able to control everything to be honest, i can't imagine having a younger child to take care of in addition to my spd daughter so i do feel for you.
i hope this helps goodluck

Dec 27, 2009
by: Anonymous

She might just be trying to stimulate herself and you should find other activities that will give her the same result. We have an "OT" room in our house and we set up ball pits and bean bags when our son starts to throw himself or needs to crash. We have puzzles, beans, rice etc, if he needs the tactile stimulation. See what she is craving. Good luck

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