How come the overwhelming majority of cases are boys?

by Yam erez

It makes me suspicious of reinforcing gender stereotypes.

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Oct 28, 2012
why are most boys?
by: momofreed

Because most boys are extroverted by matire, and expressive as well, king of the hill, wrestling, shouting while playing football, etc, Girls keep their feelings, more inside, even if it comes out in crying, boys can too, but usually comes out in aggression, making it easier to get to the bottom of whatever the problem is. Also, in my case, not all of these symptoms came at once, and he didn't have aLL of them!1 day 1 hearing, a door slammed he jumped the other babies did not.. sensitive hearing, 3 -5 months later colic, well babies get colic, switch formula, then at 6 months soft food is introduced, and the colic goes away, next at 4 he started to stop eating the wide variety of foods he did up until then, Doctor said hes a picky eater he will outgrow it.. at age 6 adhd finally at age 8 after I went through this checklist, then it all came together!!!

Jun 01, 2012
a girl's voice
by: Anonymous

I have some of these problems...

The thing is that i was always very passive and introverted and whenever i stated it or cried i would be ignored, or laughed at by my parents. So girls are mostly condemned to suffer and stay misunderstood.

I remained undiagnosed and recently self diagnosed I absolutely have no doubts and don't care about official diagnosis... I know what I went through all my life and how I struggled with basic things and I couldn't even word it, while being ridiculed and condemned by my parents about any behavior that was "odd" as if I was doing these things on purpose.

May 15, 2012
majority boys?
by: Janice

I am finding quite a few "girl" stories on youtube, as well as posts. This seems like a newly discovered disorder,still yet to be embraced by pediatricians...definitely need more research...thank goodness my insurance covers OT through medical portion...still don't list under behavior....sorry to get off track...

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