How Do I Have My Son Assessed?

by Gina
(Albuquerque, NM)

What kind of Doctor do you go to, to have your child tested. Is there hope for SPD?


The SPD Help Line Answers...

Hi Gina,

Yes! There is indeed hope for children with SPD!! What you will want to do is get an evaluation done by an Occupational Therapist for the official diagnosis. I have MANY articles on my site that talk about what SPD is, how to get a diagnosis, about treatment, support, etc. I will list the most important ones here first. After reading these, make sure you check out my site map to find ANY relevant pages to YOUR situation/child. You will definitely want to fill out the SPD checklist to make sure you are pusuing the right diagnosis. From there, read the following...

Here are the articles that will answer the questions you have:

The Step-By-Step Guide For SPD Parents

Finding An Occupational Therapist For SPD
(Since you are in New Mexico, you will want to contact, New Mexico's Occupational Therapy Association at www.nmota for recommendations OR The University Of New Mexico Occupational Therapy Graduate School at

Sensory Integrative OT... What You Need To Know Before Starting

What Is Occupational Therapy

If it is SPD, there are several books I would highly recommend getting, so you have a better understanding of this disorder. The first book, for the most general and basic, yet thorough understanding, would be The Out-Of-Sync Child, Revised. The next books I recommend would be: Raising A Sensory Smart Child and
Sensational Kids

Others I would recommend can be found at my bookstore.

Read the articles I recommended first to see if you get the answers you are looking for. I also HIGHLY recommend the AllAboutKids support group I refer you to in those articles! That group will definitely give you the direction and hope you are looking for!

Feel free to comment below or ask further questions after you have looked at these resources. Finding an OT with sensory integration/sensory processing disorder experience is your first task, for sure!
Hope this helps. There IS hope indeed!

Take good care.
Michele Mitchell

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Jan 19, 2021
Gina can you contact me about ABQ
by: Marie

HI Gina
Can you contact me about what you found in ABQ?

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