how do I help my 7 yr old with SPD to deal with her sadness / mood swings?

by claudia
(san marcos, tx , usa)

My daughter has been in school since she was 3. It has been a nightmare not knowing what was wrong and how to take care of it. Everyone would tell me she was just spoiled so, I listened and I have created this since of sadness in her. She was recently diagnose with depression and I still do not know how to deal with her mood swing and help her. She will be starting 2nd grade and it terrifies me to know that the teacher at her school do not care enough to learn about her condition nor try to let me help.

Any idea on what I can do to help her with her depression and mood swings?

Please help

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Aug 30, 2011
Madeline - I would love to talk with you as well
by: Kerry

My son is going into second grade and he too struggled all last year in school. Being sent out of the room to the office whenever he melted. He now is very anxious and nervous about going to school. I am struggling how to work with his school to help us. The other kids do not play with him and only see him as that kid always goes to the office. I want to help him find good coping tools to navigate through an insensitive environment.

I too welcome any suggestions.

Jul 13, 2011
Lots of Ideas to share with you : )
by: Madeleine

Hi Claudia,
I applaud you for reaching out for feedback and support through this wonderful site. And I would like to gently suggest that you forgive yourself for feeling responsible for your daughter's sadness.

SPD is a challenging issue --to say the least--not only for the individual who struggles with it, but the entire family as well.
Often, from the school's perspective, there's a lack of information and understanding of what SPD is and that it really can impact a child tremendously especially if a child is holding it together and is not disruptive in the classroom, but is blowing up at home.

I too have a daughter -- she's 8 years old now--who just finished 2nd grade. At the beginning of this past school year, she struggled tremendously with sensory issues and mood swings. By the end of the year, she'd made amazing progress -- and I would love to share some suggestions with you; what worked, what didn't work, etc.

What I want to tell you is that there's so much you and your family can do. There are many options and things to try -- hang in there and I look forward to talking more with you and sharing information if you're open to it.
Take good care,

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