How do i know if its SPD?

My 8 years old has adhd and pdd nos. I read your checklist about spd.. i almost checked everything.i m so exhausted.. he still sleeps with us,tried melotonin,night lights, music,even our dog,he will not sleep on his own.he would jump off bed the second we moved out of bed. Awake around 4am everyday, running like a train..he is so impulsive, meltsdown on simplest thing, having hard time controlling his hands. Constantly talking nonstop,even when he is playing on the tablet. Couldnt focus during learning.. smelling everything..

Does it sounds SPD to you? Nobody mentioned this to me.. please help me

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Aug 25, 2014
need help
by: mj

Please check into diet as a first line of defense. r/o food intolerances/allergies. look at dyes, additives, preservatives, gluten, diary etc... It sounds like you have a highly sensitive child. highly sensitive children can be 'sensitive' on many fronts. I like to recommend focusing on diet because it is one of the more easily controlled areas - cleaning up the diet might just help minimize some of the adhd/implusive behavior to give you the breathing room you need to cope better with the struggle. Chances are, if you get rid of all dyes, additives, preservatives you will see less agitation.
studies are finding that adhd children test lower in zinc and ferrous (type:iron) than children not displaying these symptoms. Ask your pediatrician to test for these levels- it won't be part of the usual blood panel - particularly the iron test - be specific. good luck

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