How do I stop my son from hurting himself

by claire

My 6 year old son has just about every sensory problem on the list. my worries are is that he has starting hurting himself. he was hitting his mouth against his wooden bed he came to me to tell me his tooth was funny. when i looked at him he had loosened two of the bottom teeth and chipped another three. i thought he was just playing on his computer as always. what can i do to stop this happening again? i now feel like i cant let him be alone even in his room.

im so worried i cant sleep and at nite, every little bump or creak im in to his room to make sure its not him hurting him self again. im writing this now at 4.46 in the morning so please excuse my spelling im nearly going out of my mind worrying about him. he was diagnosed with sensory problems about a month ago. (the ocp. health said he wasnt that bad, just typical when they assessed him.

It was one of his best days in months)but they seem to be spiraling out of control with hurting him self. last week he climbed over the fence (and locked gate) in the back yard and started to walk down the street. when i caught up with him he knew he wasn't allowed to do it but didn't seem to be worried in the slightest. he had wanted to go see my sister so off he went. i later found out from a neighbor he had been wondering in the middle of the road. every time we are out im constantly warning him about cars and the road. sorry about the long rant. can any one help or give me advise please?

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May 23, 2015
I hope this helps!
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for all that you are going through. I am not entirely an expert on this sort of thing, but I am an adult who has grown up with Sensory Processing Disorder. Have you been able to have a good conversation with your son about what Sensory Processing Disorder is? He may feel that he isn't normal because of what he is going through. Feeling the way he does about certain things, is all he knows. I would suggest having him see a counselor. Many counselors a trained with knowledge of Sensory Processing Disorder and will know how to talk to your son about it. There are also intervention programs he may be able to go through to help. I don't know much about those, since I never went through them myself. I hope this helps you at least a little bit.

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