How I get my inspiration

My almost 6 yr old is like this. We did get the diagnosis of SPD and will be testing to see if he falls on the high end of the autism spectrum. One of the things I have noticed was how many parents were looking for ideas of what they could do without spending a fortune and so I started a blog on cheap therapy tools which is the name of my blog. I have found that a lot of some of the ideas I get are from sensory catalogs in which I find a product and can make it myself for a fraction of the cost or find something similar in nature to provide the same sensory input needed.

The blog I made at blogspot doesn't give me anything but it's just a collection of ideas, books, and resources I have found that have helped me or other parents I know in real life.

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Apr 24, 2011
My 15 minutes of autism fame
by: Emory Clark

I feel so blessed to bring Swrings into children's lives and make even a small contribution to those suffering with autism. And that is how I get my inspiration.

I've commented here before and good things happen each time. Everytime a parent or a therapist visits our website and reads the therapy notes discussing the solid consistent help children receive when they have a Swring in their program the first thing they do is ask for pricing.

$329 for an amazing product which will last their kids all their lives is not a bad price. Please visit and get in touch. Thanks

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