how my adhd is so similar to spd

by lala

im 20, i was diagnosed with adhd when i was in grade 11, a little too late. It really got in the way of me learning. i remember i would be in the class room i could even hear the clock ticking so loudly, i was always so tired and would always fall asleep in class. when the teachers talked, i would only see their mouth open and close because i was too distracted by the other sounds in the class. i couldn't even read because i got to distracted from sounds.

i hate wool clothing, i hate tags, i cannot write with a pencil i hate the sound it makes, and i hate the way it smells,and i would always get in trouble for doing my math in pen. i like baths but i hate it when i get water sprinkled in me it hurts and itches. hate when my hands are dirty, always a picky eater i hate soggy food like cereal and peroggies.

i hate it when people touch me.if people touch me unexpectedly i always jump. if someone puts their arm around me it feels like 100 pounds. i have a very hard time staying in something that moves i get very sick. i like very tight hugs. i love deep pressure. when i was a kid my hair always had to be in a very very tight pony tail. when i touch solid things i always have to touch very hard. hate the feeling of stuffed animals, hate socks.i hate kisses, hate cuddling i feel like i cant breath when i cuddle. my mom said when i was small the only person that i would let to touch me or to talk to me was my mom, if anyone else got close to me i would scream and have tantrums.

every toy i had as a toddler i would break, the only was i would sleep is if i was rocked. i always felts different from any other child,it really affected my life, i know know have very low self confidence and suffer from depression because of my adhd. im to scared to even drive.i really wish i got diagnosed when i was younger so that i would get treated younger and do better in school. Instead people used to say she was very smart but shes just spoiled and lazy.

now i started taking strattara it really has helped i am very calm i can actually read a book and know what the meaning is before i would just read and read and not know what i was reading.i also have a toddler and im already getting him tested for adhd

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