How to fix Tactile Defensiveness without OT

by Anonymous Messy Play Helper

Have you been rejected from OT services because you are "over the age limit"? Maybe, you have been to OT for years and haven't gotten any better. Also, in OT, you might have even covered yourself in shaving cream from head to toe and haven't gotten any benefits from it. Do you want to know why it doesn't work? Let me tell you.

In OT, you are often "instructed" to play with shaving cream. When you start out, you are evaluated to see if you have sensory issues. If you have the sensory issue "Tactile Defensiveness", you will get a series of messy play sessions with shaving cream. They will always be the same activity! There won't be any other "messy media" available to determine sensory preferences at any point.

The shaving cream play sessions work on a level system. You start out with touching the shaving cream with only your index finger. If you "progress", you "goal" will get updated and you will be encouraged to get messier during the same session. If you refuse to touch the shaving cream, you will have to redo the session without your goal being updated. Doesn't this level system seem repetitive and try your patience (especially as a child)?

Now, here is the fix:

Take two bowls out and fill them with water. Make one cold and the other pretty warm (not too hot). Then, dip both of your hands in with one hand in each bowl for 15 seconds. Once the time is up, switch hands and leave them in for 15 seconds. This may hurt due to sensitivity, but keep doing this until you feel comfortable with it.

If the problem persists after 20 or more iterations of each hand, you may either be dehydrated or Vitamin B12 deficient.
This fix is for disabling "Tactile Defensiveness" involving messy play materials "being too cold". I posted this particular fix because I believe this is the most common sensory issue under "Tactile Defensiveness"

I hope you have a wonderful messy play experience. :)

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