How to get diagnosed and helped

by Carolyn
(Elmhurst, IL USA)

It's sad, but if my niece hadn't been diagnosed due in large part to my sister's unrelenting research and persistence, I would have lived my life thinking I was just weird, off, out-of-sync with the world and that there was something innately wrong with me.

I've always known I saw things different, felt them different and have had major issues my whole life. It's now creating major havoc for me in my profession. I've managed to make it to a senior level, but the anxiety is creating a side that is difficult to work with and I need help.

What type of doctor do I see for a formal diagnosis so I can try to get coverage? I don't want to just start going to people and try to educate them; if there is a more direct method please guide me. I'm in the western suburbs of chicago, Illinois and really need some help.

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