How to get my son to pay attention in class?

by Lynn

My son was diagnosed with SID 2 years ago. Now he doesn't pay attention in class. He is always fiddling with whatever is in his desk, drawing pictures, has sloppy handwriting, or just doesn't do his work. I think he may be failing. His teacher called me and wanted to know what they should do about him. I told her I didn't know, but I have requested a meeting with his 4 teachers and the counselor. I think they want me to have him tested for ADHD. I have already had him tested for ADHD 2 years ago and he didn't have it.

Do you think I should trust the previous doctor's diagnosis of him not having it or should I have him retested? I really don't want him to take the medication that is prescribed for ADHD because of the horrible side effects that I have heard about. Also people have been telling me that the medication is equivalent to drugs such as cocaine. I don't know what to do. If anyone has any suggestions as to what I need to do to help him please let me know asap, time is of the essence here because I don't want him to fail in school.

Also he says that the kids are always making fun of him and picking on him. I don't really know why. I do know he lets other kids treat him however they want to and doesn't stick up for himself. I just wish I knew how to help him with all of his problems. He has come so far with is SID.

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Oct 27, 2008
test again
by: Anonymous

I don't think your post stated your child's age but I know that there are some pretty definitive tests for ADHD. However I have heard that it is a lot more difficult with younger kids.

The meds aren't all bad. Everyone reacts differently though. My daughter and I are both DX with ADHD and we are still working out the med issues as well as working on diet changes and anything else that will help.

I know people who are really glad they took the meds and I know others who just never found one that totally worked for them.

My opinion is that it is worth checking out again. You may find the SPECT scans that are done at the AMEN clinic to be interesting.
There are scans of "normal" brains as well as brains of people with all sorts of "differences" like ADHD, bi-polar, alcoholism, even PMS.

It is really amazing because it can show you the areas of the brain that are active in a normal brain and are inactive in someone with ADHD. Even more of the brain is shown inactive when doing a concentrated task. Like it shuts down when it is supposed to work harder. Then they show ones with the same person on a stimulant medication and the scan looks much more like the "normal" brain. It is pretty interesting.

There is a book called healing ADHD that is really interesting also. It shows the scans, talks about various treatment options, not all of which involve medications.

Also, could be more than one thing. I think a lot of folks with ADHD have other issues as well.
Like the sensory issues on this site. And it's really hard to learn if you can't focus whether it is from ADHD or distractions from sensory issues or something else. Our kiddos need any help we can get them while they are young so they don't fall behind.

Can you tell from my really long post that we have been struggling with this stuff for a while? ;o)

Oct 11, 2008
Second Diagnosis
by: Marcie

My son was diagnosed with SPD but once he started school he seemed to struggle with other issues as well. I had him evaluated by a Child Psychologist - a Developmental Pediatrician and a Child Psychiatrist. They all agreed that he had ADHD. My suggestion to you is YES get a second opinion!!

My son is not taking medication for the ADHD but he is working with an OT in the school and I work closely with the school in developing behavioral modification programs. Ask your school what services they will provide for your son. My son's school never offered me any information until I specifically asked them. I write to my son's teacher at least once a week and if she doesn't respond I am persistent. The school secretary even recognizes my voice on the telephone. In return I always support their fundraisers or give of my time if I can. I try to make it a relationship of give and take so that I am not just a mom that is complaining all the time and the only reason that they see me at the school is to complain. If you go to the symptoms checklist on this site you will find that several of them apply to ADHD as well.

Good Luck!! Let us know how it goes.

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