How to handle a child that's over stimulated and runs off

by D. Ferguson

I have 3 grandchildren who have SPD. the one child will run off in Walmart. She will run out of her house crossing the street not looking for traffic and it doesn't matter the time of day or weather. I am concerned for safety on both situations. How would a parent handle something like this to prevent a running off. My first thought is 1st time forgive, 2nd time would be a spanking or time-out (because the child needs to realize/learn that that action is not appropriate or safe).

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Feb 21, 2015
No Time Out - No Spanking, it'll make things worse!
by: Anonymous

As a parent/grandparent or care provider of the children with SPD, it is NEVER in their best interest fo punish them with spanking or time out for behavior they have no control over. Safety is above everything. Install door locks high enough that children can't reach for at home. It sounds like they need OT or their parents/ you as their grandparent and their childcare provider need to be trained in how to handle these situations and that the child needs OT or working in conjunction with their parents on escalating and de-escalating the children.

We have biological children with SPD and an adopted son with SPD and corporal punishment will create a huge self-esteem issue and will eventually make the child worse, not better. You're handling a special need in a child, not a willfulness.

With an SPD child, using time IN, not time out works best. Please do some research in your local area to get help.

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