How to make a trip to the pediatrician easier.

by Erin K.

My 7 yr old daughter has high anxiety with going to the pediatrician. At last year's appointment I asked for a prescription for a sensory evaluation at the suggestion from an OT friend b/c of issues at school. At this same visit I asked the doctor about alternatives or ways to diminish her sensitivities to shots, finger pricks, etc. I got a flat out "No" and when I tried to question further he replied "Sometimes you just have to make kids do things they don't want to do." How insulting to a mom of a kid with SPD.

Since then she has been diagnosed with SPD and has been seeing an OT and PT. This year we are seeing a different doctor in the same practice. Spoke with her on the phone and I hate that she got defensive too, like I am a mother who doesn't want to have my kids get shots b/c it hurts them. My kids have received all their vaccinations, although I do opt out of flu shots. She did arrange to make extra time for my daughter's visit in case we need more time to comfort and ease her during the visit. I also told her the reason we were seeing her instead of her partner, she seemed to understand. Am I being overly sensitive, emotionally that is? And are there ways to make the pediatrician visit easier?

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