How young can Oral Defensiveness be diagnosed?

by Lisa

I have an 8.5 mo old daughter who has only been breastfed (no bottles or formula). I started baby food at 6 mos old. She has vomited oatmeal and rice (only grains I've tried) and dislikes any food I've given her except for mashed beans (white, black, pinto, etc) and pureed butternut squash (only homemade).

Some friends suggested I go right to table food and skip baby food but she didn't like table foods either. Generally she will take 3-4 very tiny bites, gagging at least once, and then clamp her mouth shut. I have not yet tried any fruits with her (since she eats so little at any given time I'm waiting approx. a week before trying new foods to be sure there are no allergies). I have an appt with the dr in a few weeks and plan to talk with him about her refusal of solids. Is there any way to tell if my baby has SID at this point? She nurses well and doesn't appear to have difficulty sucking or swallowing. Is she just slower developing her eating skills?

I have 2 older children who are picky as well. (The eldest more so and the middle follows suit). My eldest frustrates me with meals but doesn't appear to have SID based on the checklist of this website. I dread mealtimes due to picky eating from all 3 children.

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