I have never been diagnosed with SPD however after reading all of these comments I am so relieved I have finally found where I belong.

All my life I have been afraid that I have been autistic,even though I don't fit the true mold,that was the closest that I could come to the symptoms.....I came to the conclusion that's what it was. Now I am so shocked that I'm not alone and I'm NOT crazy!

All my life I couldn't stand scratchy clothes or socks and shoes. I had to immediately get rid of the clothing or take my shoes and socks off. To this day I don't wear shoes unless I absolutely have to. I've actually ended up places where I don't have shoes on when I arrive to my destination. The way I cope with this,is... I always carry an extra pair of flip-flops in my car!

My food cannot touch not only that I can't eat things that are slimy, greasy, have gravy on them or have weird textures.No milk products because most of them are disgusting I can't stand the texture of yogurt, mousse, pudding, whipped cream, icing, cream cheese, cottage cheese, custard, pies, people think I am so weird because I don't like desserts.

I love desserts I just can't stand the textures of them. Don't get me started on coconut. None of my food can touch if I could get away with a partitioned plate at my age I definitely would still use one. I can't have my food touch each other.... not even the juice from one food can touch another.

I eat my cereal with a fork with a tablespoon of milk, mainly because I can't stand the milk, but I have to use it so that the cereal gets wet enough for me to eat it.

I can't deal with getting dirty, I never could... I refuse to touch messy things.My mom said I was the cleanest child ever. I even wore white to play in, any never needed a bib.

I'm terrified of the dentist, afraid of heights, have horrible balance, forget about using a balance beam or riding a bike.I am so uncoordinated, I am one of the few people that can fall UP stairs! I can't even throw a ball, the standing joke in my

family is I aim at one person if I want to throw it to someone else.

I failed gym miserably and had to take it in summer class and even failed that. I can't read a map. I took orienteering class twice, and failed that even though I knew exactly where I was a park that I grew up in! The problem was I had to use a compass to find my way.... compasses are evil! I once got lost in a parking garage!

My kids couldn't believe it. No matter where I go, I have to build in 15 minutes of lost time. I always say I can get lost in a paper bag.I confuse my left and right all the time, the way I tell my left is I have a scar on my left wrist and I have to look at it to make sure that's my left.

I can't stand too much noise because I can't block it out I can't stand being in a crowd I hate it when people touch me the slightest touch makes it hurt like when your boyfriend pets your arm I want to scream. I can give hugs but no one else can hug.

My sheets have to be absolutely perfect, there can't be any wrinkles in my bedding or I can't sleep, it has to be perfectly dark, No Light, No sound, or I can't sleep. Talk about the Princess and the Pea.

I do have certain things that I like to pet, I have sand that is so soft from Red Rock Canyon... it's very cold and almost so soft that you can't feel it, I rub my fingernails through it back and forth and back and forth, it's so soft.

The other thing I like to pet, between my fingers is my dog's ears, they're soft as silk and cold just like the sand and both relax me.I also twirl my long hair.

I avoid places that I know will overwhelm me, I carry earplugs, sunglasses and psych myself up in order to go out. I have lived like this for 53 years. I have many other quirks, these are just a few,but ALL of them are on the list!

I am so relieved to have a name for whatever is wrong with me!

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