Husband with childhood behavior still affecting his life today.

I believe my husband is still suffering from some dramatic childhood experience that made him turn overnight from a well behaved 5-6 year old child to a very bad behaved child.

As an adult he needs instant gratification all the time whether if it is overeating, smoking too much, never putting himself out when he is with other people, always trying to push the envelope, lazy about exercise and never putting himself in an uncomfortable situation whether physically or mentally. His way of dealing with problems is quite childish and he acts like a 2 or 4 year old and when things do not go his way he picks up his marbles and goes home.

He is extremely over weight, smokes 2 packs of cigarettes a day even though it is very bad for his heart condition---eats very unhealthy and seems to be a compulsive eater. He always thinks he wants more food but then cannot seem to eat the portions he takes. He never seems to be able to say no to himself.

Because of his behavior he repeated first grade. He has an older brother ---18 months older who seems to do everything perfect and is the apple of his mother's eye. He actually was badly behaved until he was 6-7 years old and then seemed to become the perfect child.

I think my husband is still dealing with something that happened in his childhood that has followed him through his 54 years and makes him act the way he does.

Can you give me an insight on any of this???

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Mar 15, 2017
Same boat.
by: Anonymous

He problem has a learning problem that was never addressed. please try your best to get him some help. Hang in there it will get better with Gods help.

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