Husband's chewing food noises, loud music in restaurants, stores, bars.

by Rachel

I'm 45 and am pretty sure I've got sensory processing issues and ADHD because of all I've learned getting myself educated about my kid's diagnoses, probably some learning differences too.

At my age, is there any point in getting myself diagnosed ($1,800 in our area)? What would I do with the information?

I feel things WAY too intensely (its can feel overwhelming) especially when it seems an animal or person is suffering, when a wrong needs righting. To ease the overwhelm I feel an urgent need to act, like to step in if two adults are in public arguing loudly, or worse fighting, or if a dog is chained up in with freezing temps outside, or if a child or dog is being mistreated in public. I am unable to control myself and do step in, but if I can not make the circumstance change then the images continue to upset me for hours.

The food chewing noises make me want to crawl out of my skin too, and loud music in restaurants ruins a meal for me just as loud music in a store makes we walk right out of the place, same with a bar. Bright lights, like horrible overhead lighting inside is intolerable to the point that I will (as politely as possible) turn a light off or down in another person's house to cast a less harsh light.

Clutter makes me tense.

I have tinnitus that I seldom hear unless I am still and quiet like in bed before sleeping, or right now since I am thinking of it.

Not sure I need medicine for the ADHD because I have accommodated all my life and am doing ok with organizing and planning and being on time, but it takes a lot of energy, way more than for most, I am sure. The hyper focusing is of more consequence than anything else. It's very difficult to avoid the "rabbit holes" I enter while working. Keeping the larger picture in mind in terms of prioritizing is extremely challenging for me once I get going on a task. The rest of the world falls away, which means I lose track of time.

What can I DO about the SPD?

What works for others to lesson effects of ADHD without medicine? Or SPD? Are light, loud music, clutter SPD things?

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