Hygiene and smelly clothes

Hello, my 23 year old daughter has OCD and SPD. She has only worn certain types of clothing since she was little. Problem is the "rules" are always changing.

When she gets something she likes, after a while, "it can only be worn with a v-neck tank" etc. or only that shirt fits even though they are all the same. Now her main set of clothes has been worn and washed so many times that they have a body odor. It becomes noticeable when she gets hot. We pretreat and wash with vinegar etc, but since she wears a bra, tank, shirt and t shirt all at the same time, she will sweat no matter what.

She is wearing two pairs of shorts with her jeans. I've tried every brand and type of clothing to make it easier. I have discussed this with her but she changes the subject or says she is "breaking in new clothes". She is on an SSRI which is helping some. I'm afraid she lost her last job due to this issue. She doesn't date and only has one friend.

Do I just get tough on the issue and get rid of the worst of the clothing? I watched her lose friends in school due to the same issues.

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May 21, 2019
by: J

Oh, and she has been in counseling throughput the years. I know her anxiety is real!

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