Hypersensitive and hyposensitive to the same issue

by Elspeth

My daughter fits all of the criteria for SPD on the site and on others we have checked. She also has some related issues. For this reason, we are considering going to an OT and asking them to take a look. However, we are unsure because, for a few issues - both touch and sound - as well as displaying signs of being hypersensitive, she displays some (albeit fewer)signs of being hyposensitive (to the same type of stimuli). Does this rule out a diagnosis of SPD?

More specifically: she fits all but one of the symptoms on the checklist for hypersensitivity for touch, the one being that she does not walk on her toes only, although she does walk strangely. However, even though she is completely unable to cope with being touched and dislikes touching many textures, there are some things that seem to suggest hyposensitivity and sensory-seeking. She is constantly putting materials on her face (generally thin and gauzy)and loves food with very strong tastes, like chilli, olives, or smoked fish. She can't sleep unless she is pretty much swaddled in her duvet, and has an immensely thick and heavy blanket as well as a duvet.

She also fits all of the criteria for hypersensitivity to sound, but she often misunderstands what people say to her and doesn't respond to her name, in moderate to noisy environments. I think that it is possible that this is because there are lots of other noises happening at the same time, and she is unable to tune them out and focus on one easily, but I'm not sure.

Of course, these aren't the only symptoms on the checklist that she fits, they are just the ones that seemed slightly contradictory. She has huge issues with many of the things I have found on this site and other similar sites, and I'm really worried about her.

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