hypersensitivity to blood

by Deb B

I have a child diagnosed with Sensory Defensiveness. We have had 2 years of working with an OT doing Vital Sounds music and Skin brushing etc... It has helped. BUT, last year I noticed a change in her - at 13 years old acting like a boy. I suspect, and OT confirmed her issue with blood is more than she can handle. She has not gotten her period yet (although she spotted last year is when it all started). Her behavior counselor said she can actually hinder her development acting this way. I believe she is thinking if she looks and acts like a boy she won't have to deal it. We need some serious help. She has to get over her fear of blood some how. Our OT was suppose to find some help on that area but apparently has not, nor have I found anything on the internet. Can you help?!

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Aug 18, 2008
by: Jessi

Can't say I've been there since I have a 4 year old SPD boy...but I think I would try a counselor of some type. The blood issue may be just as psychological as anything since many people get queasy at the sight of blood. I didn't get a regular period until probably a few years after 13, so it may not just be her keeping it from happening. I had really bad cramping and spotting at 12 and then nothing for a few years so don't get too concerned. If you have been making it any kind of issue in front of her, I would suggest not bringing it up at all for a while. Does she have girlfriends? If she is still acting like a 'girl' in other respects, the problem may resolve itself when she realizes that she can't stop this from happening to her. If you really think the only reason that she is behaving this way is to stop the period/blood, then I would definitely take her to some kind of counseling to see if that helps. Good luck!

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