Hypersensitivity to Movement (under-responsive)

by Denise
(Phila., Pa.)

My grandson is 5 years old and appears to be your average 5 year old. He is very intelligent, enjoys being hugged and kissed and loves his younger brother. The two boys play well together also. Where the problem comes in is when my 5 year old grandson is finished playing and seems to have "idle time" then he'll walk in circles or flap his hands or squinch up his face as though he just ate something real cold. My daughter has had him evaluated and no one seems to see these "tic" type movements at the time and then they say he appears to be fine but will still keep him under evaluation. My daughter identifies his situation as a possible Sensory Disorder or just a child with "tics" who will hopefully outgrow them. The hand flapping at first was thought to be a possible form of autism but then they ruled that out, because he didn't have the other symptoms that went with that. I was wondering if anyone else is familiar with these symptoms with their child. Thank You,

Concerned Mom Mom

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