by Sebastian
(Madison WI)

I've always been dimmly aware of a need to touch and taste things; I was notorious as a child for putting absolutely everything in my mouth, from toys to nails to pens and pencils. I still do this, though I am able to descriminate a bit more as to what is probably not a good idea to chew on, even if I have a very strong urge to do so. I also became aware of a need I have to have stimulation on other parts of my body, like my back and my hands. If I sit for long periods without something against my back or without something to play with in my hands (doodling works) I get distracted and anxious. I did not really think much of it until I met my fiance, who has hypersensitivity issues.

While I read up on the issues he faces I found that a lot of the description of hyposensitivity and sensory-craving SPD seems to describe me pretty well. I am not in any acute need so I haven't pursued any sort of treatment, but I think about sensory issues when I am trying to figure out why I'm feeling anxious or fidgity at any time.

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