I am a 68 year old and just been shown this article from newspaper. Wow do I fit it to a T. Where can a get a sharing group to attend

by Danny
(Mentor oh usa)

Ok I just was shown an article in newspaper. (Dear Abby) And boy can I relate. Am 68 yrs of age and Have had this problem many years never knowing what it is. People say I am too rough. I slap on backs too hard, get in others face when I speak, Wife says I've always slam doors (not in fit of anger, but just by closing them). Have many more to add.

Do we have a group that we can go to exchange ideas on subject like Alanon has? Have been member of Alanon Adult Children for 25 years and I tell you I thank God each time I go. I feel so relieved when I leave those rooms. I know I need to know more about SPD. Can you help, please

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