I am adult with mild cp and functional with adl except for mild spd help

by stuart peeples

As a child I did not realize until about 25 years old what affects SPD symptoms would have on my ability to drive and ride a bike.I have had constant job loss because of fear or concerns people would have on my ability to do a job. Im extremely mad about it, and occasionally walk in a swerve and am restless and anxious.

What I would like to do is get grants to admit my self for paid volunteer and research and to get better. I cant sleep especially after progressively doing yoga and due to the fact I lost my job,I cant get there to reapply for state assistance in Washington state. I feel I need treatments for it but can not get sufficient medical coverage and through what I learned I want to help others by getting paid to help do research. I plan find any body who will treat and diagnose and help with research in or out of state for a low income young man.

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