I am Glad I am Not Alone!

My sons ages 9 and 7 have SPD. I have struggled for so long trying to figure out why they are so "sensitive" and irritable. My oldest has a problem with being too touchy, loud, overreacts to little things, goes from extremely happy to extremely upset in a matter of seconds, and wears the same pair of pants/underwear over and over until they are worn out.

My second son fights with us over his socks every morning because of "pointies" or "lumps" in them. Getting him ready for school is a nightmare..... he doesn't ever want to leave home and is very fussy about his clothes - only wears swimming trunks and we live in a cold climate so it's not very feasible for him to be wearing them.

I get the looks from the other mothers as I am bringing him in 'kicking and screaming' to school with just shorts on and his hair messed up and I felt like I was the only one... now, after reading blogs and hearing people's stories, I know I am not. I thought I was a horrible parent that wasn't being patient enough or that my kids hated me. I was such a GREAT aunt to my nieces and nephews but, I always felt like a failure as a mother. Now, though, I know these little guys need help and to get on track...

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