I am so relieved!

by Christina Carboni
(Leominster MA)

My 4 year old son has been having problems since he was born. I have been told that it could autism, ADD, ADHD,or any other number of things. However, i never felt that those made sense and totally explained his behaviors. When i finally had him tested with an occupational therapist i was skeptical because i thought i had heard it all before. I had no idea about sensory processing disorder.

My son has not been formally diagnosed but this is the first time that anything actually makes sense and thoroughly describes his behavior. It is such a relief to have a name and be able to identify symptoms of what is going on with your child. the weight of guilt has been lessened and i now feel empowered to be able to take charge and help my son. I no longer feel like i am a bad parent or that i did something wrong. I cant tell you how much of a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

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Dec 25, 2010
by: sam

I can understand you because i have same experience. God bless you.

Mar 05, 2010
the guilt thing
by: Anonymous

I agree that sometimes these things go together. It is important though that you not feel any guilt whether it is autism, a sensory disorder or any other issue your child has. No one should. It isn't the parents fault.

Nov 24, 2009
best wishes
by: mm

It is a relief to finally know how to help your child. Has autism been definitely ruled out? I say that because sometimes it goes hand in hand. Just make sure you rule out the other possibilities as well:)

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