I can not eat normal food like everyone else...HELP

by Caren
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

I have a serious problem that I have had all my life. I can not eat what everyone else eats. If I am out for a meal I have to take small bites and swallow it down with water. I can chew but I just can not swallow as I gag. The feel of food in my mouth I do not normally eat makes me gag.

I do not eat any fruit raw, but juiced I will drink, only if cold. The only vegetable I eat is potatoes. I have never drunk plain milk, only flavored milk. I eat breads and cheeses (not blue vein), all nuts but I have never eaten any salad, ie lettuce, tomato, onion etc.

I do not eat any meat, fish or chicken unless it is cooked well and I swallow small bits with water.

My main diet consists of bread or toast with a spread, cheese, boiled or baked potato, flavored milk or fruit juice. That's about it. I'm a 57 year old female in reasonable health but am 40 pounds overweight, have just been diagnosed with high blood pressure ad high cholesterol. My thyroid has been borderline for years. I have low Vit B12 and D and have just been put on meds for this as well.

I feel I have no where to turn and need ideas as to how I go about fixing this problem before it sends me to an early grave.

Please what is the matter with me and how do I get help.

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