I Can't Wear Underwear Anymore


This is actually very embarrassing. But I am desperate because I can't be comfortable anymore.

Since I was little, I have always been sensitive to clothing. When I was really little, I couldn't wear socks. The seam by the toes bugged me. When I was seven years old, I started being very uncomfortable in shirts. For two years, I wore only one shirt.

Later on, I couldn't find pants. In fact just recently have I been able to wear jeans! And now, I am 13.

About a week ago, my underwear started to bother me. Let me take you back... Around the age of 8 or so, underwear became very uncomfortable for me. For a month or so, I wore only leotards (a type of suit for gymnastics), eventually, I realized that that wouldn't be able to continue (mainly because it was unhealthy).

I started wearing these Jockey brand strange under shorts/ boy shorts type of thing in place of underwear. I have been wearing these for about two to three years. I have been wearing the same pair for about a year. I wash them!!! Don't worry. But they are now stretched out and I am no longer comfortable in them. I'm not going to get into the reasons why.

I have tried a new pair of the same undershorts, I have tried bikini's, briefs, boy shorts... Pretty much everything you could think of. But nothing is comfortable yet! I have had trouble getting dressed in the mornings and don't want to live at times, but I can't just lay around and be depressed because I can't even get comfortable enough to lay in bed and sleep. I'm having meltdowns almost everyday now and I don't want to go to school anymore. I want to be at peace.

I don't have autism, but I probably have ADD or ADHD and I am being diagnosed right now. I also probably have SPD (sensory processing disorder). I am so desperate to just be comfortable. I love my parents and they are doing everything they can to help me, but I need something a little more. Plus my Mom just found out that her Father has cancer, and I'm sort of tired of putting all this pressure on them. That's why I haven't had a meltdown yet this afternoon, because I feel bad about being selfish about me. I mean my grandpa might die!

I know I am not alone and I am seeking help from you all. Please if you have any experience like mine that you or a loved one overcame, please please please respond. I am so desperate for help. I'm ready to get better. (And we are seeking help from professionals).

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