I didn't know

by Barb

I am in my 40 and have always had strange sensory issues.

I found this site by accident, while looking for something else.

while reading down that list so many of the items describe me not all of them of course. I never really knew what was wrong with me. from clothing and touch sometimes feeling like electrified needles on my skin. to smells and noise just being overwhelming. I know other people didn't feel the same way I did. in my family being anything but "normal" average was not acceptable.

I am still not sure if I have SPD as I am only basing my conclusion on a checklist on this site, but there are enough things to seriously consider it.

it is a relief though to find that I might not be alone in this. not that I want others to feel the way I do. the dread of having to go to group activities and social events, with all the stimulus, holding my breath just hoping it will be over before a panic attach. smiling and nodding trying to just get by when I can't process what one person is saying because of everything going on around me makes the world a jumbled mess.

I am looking for ideas on what to do next are there anything that can relieve some of the symptoms. or at a minimum find out if this is what I have.

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