I dont know what to do... I feel lie crying

by megan
(ocala fl)

Ok so I am basically single moming it as my husband is away in the army and my toddler 4 years old and just seems to be getting worse. She was a perfect baby, barely cried, then she turned one and was wild about climbing everything ect. I have a older child but this was far worse than my first.

I explain her like the energizer bunny as she never runs out of energy and at the age of 2.5-3 she stopped taking naps completely refusing. She also has awful tantrums! She will cry for an hour if i let her. Usually i would pick her up from day care and something wouldn't go her way and she would cry 30 min in the car to home then in time out for another 20 min.

We started therapy and I thought maybe It was something im doing wrong but in the last month since starting therapy its gotten worse. Still the tantrums but a lil better except she still gets into lots of trouble at school bc she doesn't sit still and now in the last month she hates underwear! Socks and tennis shoes, shorts, basically anything that isnt a dress and if i would let her she would go commando.

Oh and dont let me forget the car seat! Im at my whits end its a battle everyday all day and I dont know what to do anymore. This can simply not be my parenting skills.

What do I do? Please help!

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