I dont know what to do? Is it me or am I just worrying too much?

by Anna
(Michigan )

My son is going too be 3 years old in august. Now, I know something is wrong with him just dont know what. Ive took him to his doctors and he assures me everything is fine. hes a late bloomer he said. Anyways, some of the things he does concern me like:

He hates taking a bath. he hates me washing his hair he gets so mad.

He loves too be swung in the air or turned upside down loves it. he could swing on a swing for hours.

His talking isnt where it should be but he does talk in two words sentence like more please, hi mommie, and he says 3 word phases like peek a boo, i love you, give me hug.

He hates anything loud like the vacuum, my hairdryer, a toilet flushing (public bathroom), anything really loud like a motorcycle too, kids screaming, baby crying he will cover his ears and runs away saying no no no.

He has to touch everything from the littlest too the biggest

he loves too bounce on his bed even if he falls off he will get back up and do it again over and over.

He also hates wearing clothes too bed he refuses he takes them off.

He wont eat anything new. only food he knows from when he was younger. He will only eat pizza hut pizza no other kind he notices the difference and gets mad. he loves bland foods too

He does play with my other kids but he wont go near em. He tends too play off too the side with other kids?

Anyways, is it me or is this SPD?

Any advice would help please. I am going nuts thinking about this. his doctor says everything his fine he will grow out of it? I'm lost.

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Jun 05, 2010
Trust your instincts
by: Anonymous

My son is 3 yrs and 7 mos. old. My husband and I did notice certain "behaviors" that just did not seem normal: he screamed when we would brush his teeth, he would only eat pureed veggies even after he got his teeth, he could not tolerate even normal household noises, etc. We tried to convince ourselves that these were "leftover" effects of the meth that he had been exposed to prenatally by his birth mother. In my heart, however, I knew something more was going on. Early this year, I could no longer deny that something was wrong. Despite our spending hours doing crafts and playing, he would look at the crayon or the safety scissors like he had never seen them before and would need us to model how to hold them...he just could not seem to figure it out. When he would color, he barely pressed the page and then would get frustrated that it made no color. I finally took him to the school district to have his fine motor skills tested.

During the testing, the various therapists and specialists started asking all sorts of questions regarding more sensory and behavioral issues...I had never put the two together. They told me Jacob didn't qualify for services because he was "compensating" adequately, but sent us on our way with the advice to look into sensory integration disorder. I called his pediatrician in a panic after doing a google search and reading information. Our son was given a thorough evaluation by a Pediatric OT. We found out just 7 weeks ago that Jacob has significant Sensory Processing Disorder. We are still in the early stages of learning about this disorder so we can be the best advocates for our son. But I can assure you that my husband and I, as well as Jacob's OT, have already seen improvement. We are fortunate that our insurance covers up to 60 visits per year, so we are currently taking him once / week. I know in my heart, that had I not pushed through to get my son the proper diagnosis and help, he would have fallen further and further behind his peers.

You must trust your own eyes, ears, and instincts. If you believe there is something wrong, you must find a way to get him tested by a trained Pediatric occupation therapist. I wish you the best of luck.

Jun 04, 2010
Toddler development
by: Fae

I am mother to a little boy a couple of months younger than your son and who i consider to be a normal healthy child. He displays most of the behaviours mentioned by you at varying times but that doesn't necessarily mean dysfunction. Those behaviours are normal in most cases - remember his brain has only been growing for about 3 1/2 years since conception and so connections are still being formed rapidly and certain areas will mature faster than others. Toddlers are also developing independence and discovering what they like and don't.

I am not however suggesting you put your worries aside completely; if you feel there's something wrong then I suggest you push at least for a thorough assessment by an experienced professional.

If your little boy attends a preschool or similar it can help to get a letter from them backing up your statements about the difficulties he is facing to show the doctor.

I know the importance of early identification and help as I struggles throughout childhood with these issues and have only in the last few years (I have just turned 22)managed to firstly confirm a diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome and then get the professionals to listen and help with the sensory problems which to me are the most disabling part of my condition. My parents say they knew things weren't right when i was little but they didn't know how to get help and also didn't want to face the problem i think.
Sorry for such a long message but basically: don't worry too much, especially if he doesn't seem unusually distressed by the things you've noticed, but keep an eye out and perhaps a simple diary/list of what happens when so you have something to show doctors. Also following some of the therapeutic activities shown on this site can't do any harm and most are beneficial for any small child as they aid the natural integration of senses that has to happen naturally anyway.

Jun 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

In the previous post, there are good advices for you. Add if the disturbances do not improve, consult a child psychiatrist. Greeting

Jun 02, 2010
having an SPD child
by: Anonymous

I cannot say exactly, but he sounds exactly like my grandbaby....it is all sensory related..

Ours is a picky eater, but keep trying something different each week...slowly

Let him sleep with no clothes, just his undies....

Mine loves to swing, it is soooo good for them, it increases their vestibular system.....they feel grounded when they swing or jump....

Taking a bath will get better, turn on the spigot slowly and let him put his hands under the stream of warm water, watch their reaction.

Do everything with great patience and a clam voice...

To increase sensitivity....while on your lap rub his head run your hands through his hair, run your hands down his legs to his toes....his senses are working at all times and it will make him less sensitive

Is he in OT and PT? real important.....
lots of hugs, they love the deep pressure it releases endorphins into their bloodstream....they love mommie hugs....

Be patient and it does get better!!!!!!

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