I dont know what to do!!!

by Shahnaaz Khan
(Al Khobar Saudi Arabia.)

My 7 yr old son does have SPD but the thing is I live in Saudi Arabia and the sad thing is there is no help here for him , some one who can tell me exactly what is wrong with him.No one has said he is autistic but maybe borderline in the spectrum .

I am my own doctor for my son and
I keep looking for doors to open.

I luckily found an occupational therapist dealing in SI who has given us some hope that with the right treatment he will be ok but I still dont know what is wrong with my son. All I know is he is very sensitive to taste, he seems to be younger than his age in learning and speech and developing. Otherwise he has no physical handicaps.

I found this site as a ray of hope in helping me .

Everyday is a struggle with him. He hates to brush his teeth and wont take oral meds when he is sick.Its a nightmare when he gets sick he has to have intravenous meds which are painful and stressful.

He is the light of our lives , a sweet little boy just like any other child struggling to say what he wants , trying so hard to learn.

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Oct 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

research . . . Research. . . Research. . . I.ve found that way more important than a clinical diagnosis. . . Not an easy thing to get in zimbabwe either! My son is 6 now, when i started looking for help, all our specialists had pretty much left the country, so i spent hours on the internet every day, tried various things that i thought may work, got my family and everyone else involved in our lives involved, so every day was a bit like one informal 12 hour therapy session! Need a number of people involved or it may do your head in! Tickling, moving and exercising, singing, etc etc. . He eventually walked at 19 months, talked at 4 years, and is now in first grade at a school with a brilliant progress department. Good luck and happy surfing! Try looking up foggy rock, and people cd, think you'll be able to find them off google, i got a lot of info from there to start. I found a few websites to start with, checked them often and tried to do at least one new thing per week. Some worked, some didn't. As parents we just can't give up!

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