I go bump in the night

I'm a 28 yro female, i'm working on my second degree. I've grown up up the idea of SPD but never fully acknowledged until now when i'm older and understand it better. I had OT during my childhood middle school years, lots and lots of heavy works, which i mind myself seeking when i'm overwhelmed. I like tight tight clothes especially when I have to give a presentation, i still love to climb and jump and I've had many many many broken bones ( i think 11 or 12) growing up i was a bitter friend and family still have scars on their arms from my biting to hard.

OT is a MUST!! sports or dance will help too! I cannot stress this enough. I was a dancer for 15 years (motor planning for ball sports was to much for me)

OT gave me the skills I revert back to when i'm stressed or on sensory overload (sensory overload freak out and crash) they are the skills i need to keep me safe from myself

Dance, dance gave me the fluidity of motion that I crave and CONFIDENCE

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