I Hate Metal?!

I’m 14 now and and I’m not quite sure how long this has been going on for, but I just hate the feeling, sound, look or anything to do with metal.

When I was younger (probably up untill the age of 6 or 7) I used to be able to wear jewellery and the metal buttons and zips on my coat was fine and anything else that was metal I was completely ok with, then as I started to get older I first noticed it when I was waiting in a shop while my mum was paying and she asked me to hold some coins and I did, and I didn’t really like the feeling of it at afterwards the smell that was left on my hands made me sick!

However some metal things I am ok for example I have a metal phone stand, metal legs on my chair, my piano stand, my desk mirror, railings /bike stands and some other! But the feeling of coins make me feel sick and the sound of them as well along with keys / keychains, door handles (has become quite a big problem since my parents just brought metal ones), rings / necklaces / / / bracelets / earrings! But the thing I’m most confused about is cutlery because most of it I am fine with, for example going to restaurants don’t bother me and when I’m at a friends I’m fine as well, but at home we have two different kinds of cutlery we have ones with alternate on which I am fine with but then we also have plain ones which I hate and I can not use!

I always thought the reason why I hate metal was because of germs but I’m ok with using cutlery in restaurants and I am not some sort of clean freak either, and when ever I told my parents they kind of just laughed at me 😐. A big problem as well well is my mum really wants me to get my ears pierced and she always tells me that it doesn’t hurt but I don’t think it would hurt that much I just don’t want the feeling of metal on my ears!

As well I always thought the reason why I wouldn’t wear jewellery was because I’m not much of a girly girl but that’s definitely not the reason!

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